I’m back! Just in time for sweater weather

Hi there! I’m back again, finally! I feel like I was mostly gone this summer and then somewhere in between I did a little something for my blog and then again I disappeared…  I’m a person who does things at a 100% or not at all, I need to know everything is done as good as it can be. I really don’t like to settle for anything less. And this summer was kind of like this, I knew I wasn’t able to be completely focused on my blogging so I gave it a rest.

And I’m not sorry at all, I like to believe things happen for a reason and so did my absence this summer. Although I was more or less working all the time this summer, I did get some time off, to well go somewhere and use my well deserved break. And so I did, I went on Santorini for a week, actually just 14 days ago…

Well, when I left Slovenia it was still kind of warm, not to much but still. Meanwhile in Greece I had a feeling like it’s mid August or something like that. Autumn hit me when I came back, last Sunday. So yes, I don’t really know when summer went by. To get to the point, all I wanted to say with everything written so far, is that I believe we must say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn (or maybe winter already).

And this blog post is my kick back to reality! I have to get back to posting more and since autumn is my by far favorite time of the year, meaning in fashion sense, this shouldn’t be to difficult. Right now I feel like I can dress more versatile and do a lot more with a single outfit!

Though, because this is my first autumn oriented post I kept it simple with a glimpse of summer still there (cause I’m wearing a dress of a kind, although it’s a sweater, it’s still a dress length sweater (ohh never mind)). Hope you like it!

Oversized sweater: H&M
Shoes: Hummel
Scarf: Zara
Bagpack: Boopacks
Sunglasses: Primark













See you in the next blog post, until then,

always be glamming, Lana

(photo by Blaž Oder)


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  1. Love the outfit, so cute and put together x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad you’re back! And this outfit is beyond chic!


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