I choose metallics for this autumn

About a week ago I found this silver metallic culottes in Zara. It’s like my eyes are attracted to everything that sparkles. Right now I feel like I developed a special radar for shiny things, or maybe I just like glitter to much…Who knows.

But the thing I’m sure of, this autumn you should really get yourself a piece of clothing in a metallic color. I’ve already found mine, but as I know myself pretty well, I also know this is just the beginning of my newest obsession. About metallics, it’s like you can shine all day long and you don’t even have to eat diamonds for breakfast, because your outfit will do all the work for you. I mean who wouldn’t want that. I know I would!

Because I didn’t want to go overboard with the outfit, since the culottes were already a big enough statement by itself and I wanted the look to still be casual enough to run errands in, I styled it pretty simple. Hope you like it!

Sweater: Pull&Bear
Leather jacket: Zara
Culottes: Zara
Shoes: Hummel
Bag: ByMiaBags













I hope I’ll have the time to make something special for next week, since The Glam Jam will be celebrating it’s first birthday! So I suggest you stay tuned on my instagram (theglamjam) where I will post the updates of what I’m talking about. 🙂

Always be glamming, Lana

(photo by Blaž Oder)


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  1. This is such an incredibly unique outfit! I love all of the different styles and textures incorporated into the outfit! I especially love all of the details on your jacket.

    xo Logan


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