Winter layers

First of all, let me tell you I wore 5 layers of clothes for this outfit. And yes, it kept me pretty warm. In general I like to dress my self in as many layers I can, especially in the winter time, that can come in handy! It keeps you from freezing to death and it adds some dimension to the outfit, which for me is the key to a great look. I’m not a fan of dull and too simple combinations. I personally like to create a play between different textures, materials and maybe even let it look a little bit messy, but in some way perfect.

Naj začnem s tem, da sem za ta ”look” imela oblečenih kar pet plasti! In res, zeblo me ni niti malo. Že na sploh se rada oblačim po plasteh, kar v zimskem času pride še kako prav. Ne samo, da ti je tako mnogo bolj toplo, hkrati več plasti doda samem ”outfitu” tudi malce več razgibanosti. Ker sama nisem ravno največja oboževalka preveč pustih in preprostih ”outfitov”, je takšna teknika kot ulita zame. Pri oblačenju je meni najbolj zanimiva igra med različnimi teksturami in materiali, včasih ko kombiniraš toliko stvari hkrati, se zna zgodi da vse skupaj zgleda že rahlo ”načičkano”, pa vseeno na nek način popolno.

Coat: River Island
Zip jacket: Hummel
Flowy coat: From my mom’s closet
Lavender hoodie: Zara
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Humanic
Bag pack: Boopacks















Well that’s all for now, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and see you again next week in a new blog post, which I’m really excited about, but for now let it stay a surprise!

always be glamming, Lana

( photo by Blaž Oder )


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  1. Love this! That coat is fantastic and the sheer duster is a great add. Even better that it’s vintage mom! 🙂

    xoxo – Amy

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  2. bytheseasideblog December 23, 2016 — 20:25

    Oh my!! I LOVE the coat- looks beautiful on you xx !

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